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Who are the Brecknock Moth Group?

The Brecknock Moth Group is an informal group of friends who share an interest in recording moths in and around Brecknock. We started out in 2001 and there are now over 30 people on the email contact list. In the main we confine our activities to the Watsonian Vice County VC42 Breconshire.

What do we do?


Most Group members have their own moth traps and record moths on a fairly regular basis in their own gardens. Some record every week and contribute their records to the Garden Moth Scheme, which is working towards generating a long-term quantitative UK-wide database of over 200 common species of moth. We also trap moths throughout the county, generally using battery-operated mobile traps, and of course we also search for moths during the day.

What happens to the moth records?


All moth records for VC42 Breconshire are collated by the County Recorder, currently Norman Lowe. At present he has collated and verified over 190,000 records, all of which can be found on this website and which constitute the BIS moth dataset. Over 1100 species have been recorded now and we usually add a few new species every year.

Who do we work with?


The Group works in partnership with a number of organisations. In particular it works with BIS, who hold all of the records of moths in Powys and the Brecon Beacons National Park and who have built and maintain this website. It has very close links with the Brecknock Wildlife Trust, who have for several years overseen a moth survey contract that has contributed much-needed funds for moth books and equipment. The Group also works with Butterfly Conservation, who have collated its records into its own database, the National Moth Recording Scheme.

How can I find out more?


If you are interested in finding out more, do contact BIS, even if you know nothing at all about moths. Most of our members started as complete beginners, but we provide help and support, including help with identifying the moths that you come across.