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National Moth Night 2021

This years event will focus on reedbed and wetland habitats. it is always over 3 nights and this year those are Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th July. See our Events button for more details.

Added 15/02/2021 16:26

New species for Breconshire

Three exciting new species have been recorded as new to Breconshire from micros trapped by the RIS at Llysdinam during 2014. First was Coleophora saxicolella, a species that feeds on goosefoot and orache and is a first from inland South Wales. The second is Bactra lacteana, which is extremely similar to the abundant Bactra lanceana and is therefore very difficult to identify, so there are very few UK records and it appears to be new to South Wales. And the third is the most exciting of all,... more

Added 26/04/2019 10:08

Two new species

Two new species of micro-moth have been discovered in Breconshire recently. Firstly, Richard Knight found Micropterix mansuetella near Rhayader. This is a much rarer relative to the common M. calthella which is often to be seen in numbers feeding on the pollen of buttercups and other flowers.
The second is Argyresthia trifasciata, which feeds on cypress and is spreading north and west through gardens following its discovery in the SE of England in 1997.

Added 16/06/2015 14:38

Plume moth rediscovered

The Dusky Plume Oidaematophorus lithodactyla was recorded from Llangorse Lake way back in 1989, when 3 moths were bred from larvae on fleabane. When the patch of fleabane disappeared soon afterwards due to grazing pressure it was thought that the moth had been lost as well. Happily, Norman Lowe recorded 6 moths on 8 August on a large patch of fleabane a few fields away from the first record. Welcome back, Dusky Plume!

Added 09/08/2014 12:29

Another new county record, Batia lunaris

Recorded by Mo Tillotson on 19 July.

Added 20/07/2014 12:38

New county record, Juniper Webber

New county record, Juniper Webber
Sue Furber recorded a new species for the county on 13 July, the Juniper Webber 
 Dichomeris marginella
. That's the first confirmed new species for 2014.

Added 15/07/2014 10:20

Leaf miners

Leaf miners
The season for leaf miners is getting under way. One of the commonest is the Nut Leaf Blister Moth Phyllonorycter coryli which makes a blotch mine on the upperside of a leaf of hazel.

Added 15/07/2014 10:12