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News :: New species for Breconshire

Details of news item 'New species for Breconshire'.

New species for Breconshire

Three exciting new species have been recorded as new to Breconshire from micros trapped by the RIS at Llysdinam during 2014. First was Coleophora saxicolella, a species that feeds on goosefoot and orache and is a first from inland South Wales. The second is Bactra lacteana, which is extremely similar to the abundant Bactra lanceana and is therefore very difficult to identify, so there are very few UK records and it appears to be new to South Wales. And the third is the most exciting of all, Pammene ignorata, which has previously only been recorded from one moth in Devon and a few more from one place in Gloucestershire and which had to be confirmed by a European expert.
Added 26/04/2019 10:08